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Co-ordinator Peter Calver

The purpose of the Group is to visit local places of interest (by public transport or self drive) as well as coach tours. This group will merge the Questers and Garden Visit groups together as well as extending to provide Coach trips (possibly 3 to 4 a year).  This group is open to all members of the Balsall Common U3A, all activities will be advertised to the whole membership

If you have any suggestions for visits, either local or afar please email the Coordinator.

 Contact Peter Calver 01676 535318


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Out and About Visits

Thursday June 13th Visit to Gurdwara Guru Nanak Parkash  Sikh Temple in Coventry starting at 11:00

I have arranged in conjunction with a new U3A member, Narinder Khatra a visit to to the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Parkash  Sikh Temple in Coventry.

The Temple is in Harnall Lane West, just off Foleshill Road (By Halfords) close to the Ring Road.  Car Parking is available on site.

The visit will start at 11:00 am

I have asked if we could learn a little about the Sikh faith, its history and how Sikhs are expected to live within the faith.  Also some information about the Temple itself.


  Please be aware the following requirements are expected of visitors: 

  Anyone under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to enter and neither can you bring any form of tobacco onto the site.

  They advise people to dress modestly and bring a head covering such as a scarf for women and bandana type cloth for men so we can cover their heads when inside the  building.  Hats and caps are not allowed. ( Head coverings can be provided for anyone who forgets).  They also request that shoes are be removed before entering the pray rooms and kitchen dining area, there will be shoe racks to place them.


There is no charge to visit the Gurdwara. Neither is it mandatory to make a donation. However any donations will be gratefully received


If you are interested in joining this visit please email or telephone 01676 535318

This visit will be announced at the May Core Meeting and a sign on board will be available then.

Thursday July 11th 2019 Visit to the Police Lockup, Steelhouse Ln, Birmingham B4 6NW starting at 12:30pm


Starting at 12:30 am to 14:30 a visit to the Police Lockup, Steelhouse Ln, Birmingham B4 6NW.  (Behind Magistrates Court, Corporation St)

The Lock-up is a unique, historically significant piece of Birmingham and Policing history and visitors will gain great insight into how it felt to be arrested or charged over the past 127 years. step inside the historic Grade II listed station which operated for 125 years, only closing in 2016. The Lock Up retains many of its original Victorian features and demonstrates how a small ‘prison’ operated in the centre of a busy city for well over a century.  You can also look at many of the West Midlands Police Museum’s artefacts, uniforms and pictures from the archives, hear stories of the bravery of past officers and see what prisoners would have been resident there in the late 1800s.

The duration of the visit is about two hours. This allows for a talk on the history of the building and some police equipment over the years and questions. Once this is done there is time to look around the building. There is a small gift shop on site that also has several book, that are not on public sale which concern both the history of policing and history of Birmingham in addition to other items.


Cost is £5.00 per person with a minimum number of participants of 10.  Payment will be required at the July 4th Core Meeting


If you are interested in joining this visit please email or telephone 01676 535318

This visit will be announced at the May Core Meeting and a sign on board will be available then.

Tuesday August 13th Visit to Guide Dog Breeding Centre -  Bishops Tachbrook Nr Leamington Spa CV33 9JQ Stating 2:00 pm


This will be our second visit to the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre.  On this visit grandchildren can bring along their well behaved Grandparents,  sorry I should re-phrase that U3A members can bring along their grandchildren


The tour will give you the chance to see new born puppies as they socialise and grow, gaining experience of everyday sights and sounds which will help them develop the skills they need as guide dogs.
You'll also have the opportunity to meet some of the Guide Dogs, who will accompany centre guides on the tour.  You can expect to see the National Breeding Centre going through its daily activities and find out how they use the latest technology and innovations in their breeding.
The guides will take us along the specially built walkways which enable you to view their work without disturbing either the dogs or staff.  You will have the opportunity to take their Sensory Tunnel experience to get a brief insight into living with sight loss, and learn how people living with a visual impairment get about.

Towards the end of the tour you'll have the opportunity to purchase gifts and pet products from the shop, where tea and coffee will also be served.  There is no cost, even for the refreshments.  Donations will be appreciated on the day.

If you are interested in joining this visit please email or telephone 01676 535318


Thursday September 12th a Guided visit of the Amazon Fulfilment Centre , Allesely, Coventry  Starting at 11:30 am


Amazon have recently opened a Fulfilment Centre in Coventry, on the site of the old Jaguar Works in Allesely. I have arranged a guided tour of this unique plant. 

This plant is known as a ‘cross dock facility’, it receives all products from Amazon Suppliers, processes the huge volume of goods, which are then transported on to fulfilment centres in the UK and even Europe. There are 16 Fulfilment centres in the UK which now receive their stock from the Coventry Facility.

It is gigantic - the footprint of the building is the size of eight football pitches - but if you add in all three floors the floor space is more like the size of 24 football pitches. There is over 9 miles of conveyor belts and the Plant employs 2000 people.  This tour will suit anyone intested in


If you are interested in joining this visit please email or telephone 01676 535318


If any member has a suggestion for a visit that would be of interest to the majority of our members please email me.