Photography Group - Monthly Competition Winners 2018

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November 2018


The subject this month was "Urban Angles".  The images were judged by David Venebles.


Print Section Group A


David awarded first place to Karen Coates's print "Lloyds Levels"



Karen also gained second place with an image "Into the Depths"



Third place was awarded to Nigel Briggs with his print "Perth Bell Tower"



PDI Group A

First Place in the PDI Section was given to Robert Zhilmor's image "Lantern"



John Bolt was awarded second place with his image "Hexagons"



Prints Group B


Jim Melville's Print "Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Berlin*

Was given third place by the judge



PDi's Group B

First Place was given to Loraine Bryan with her image "Coventry Cathedral"



Loraine was also awarded second place with her image "The Cube"



Third placed image was by Sean Bryan




October 2108


The subject was Sky or Clouds images were judged by their peers.


The best print was by Karen Coates - Let there be light.



The best pdi was "Sky over the South Downs" by Peter Calver



August 2018


The subject was "Close up" and was judged by David Lowe a former Chairman of the London Salon of Photography.


Terry Baron is the first member to be given First Place in both the Print and Pdi section.


Prints Group A

First Place was awarded to Terry Baron with his print "Close-up Amanita Muscaria Fungi"



Third place was awarded to Karen Oates with her "10 Tiny Toes" image



Pdi's Group A


First Place was given to Terry Baron's image "Art Deco Scent Bottle"



Prints Group B


Print awarded First Place was "Tortoiseshell Butterfly" by Janet Jordan



PDI's Group B.


Winner was Roy Hands with his image titled "Egg and Glass Spider"




July 2018


The subject was Bridges and was judged by the group


The photograph "Mississippi Bridge New Orleans" by Malcolm Duncan was selected as the best Print




June 2018


The subject was "Speed" and was judged by members of the group.


Karen Coates print of "Mid Air Motor Cyclist"  was voted into first place for prints.




Len Tomnie's PDI image "Red Leader" was voted best digital image





May 2018


The subject was Monochrome and was judged by Malcolm Ranieri.


Group A




Roy Hands print "Alcester Street" was awarded second place in Group A



Derek Robbins Winning PDI titled "Hands Showing a Hard Life



Iain Roxburgh's PDI " Remembrance was placed Second.



Robert Zhilmor's image "Hello" was awarded Third place in the Group A PDI group




Group B


Nigel Briggs Print " Fishing Boats - Mull " was awarded First Place



Pam Martin's print "Pearls of Wisdom " was placed second



Kaushalya Rihal's PDI " Market " was awarded first place in Group B pdi section





April 2018

The subject was "Yellow" and the photographers entries were judged by their peers.


Robert Zhilmor's "Yellow Buddha" was judged the best PDI




February 2018

This month the topic was Landscapes and was judged by a visiting Judge Dr Ann Sutcliffe


Group A

Trevor Doyle's print "Tree at Berkswell" was awarded first place by the Judge




Jim Melville was placed second with this print titled The Winkie Light, Point of Ayre in the Isle of Man



Karen Coates was awarded third place for this Print - "London Landscape from Greenwich"



Tony Ladwiniec was awarded first place in Group A for this pdi titled "Mirror Image"




Second Place for Pdis was given to Robert Zhilmor with this image "Windy"



Derek Robbins gained third place with this pdi titled "Bran Pass Romania"




Group B


Terry Baron was awarded First Place in Group B Print section with this print titled "St Ives - Cornwall"

The original photograph was printed on Art Paper to give a water colour effect



Len Tomnie gained 1st place in Group B for this pdi titled "Frog Lane"



Len Tomnie also won second Place for this image titled "Moody Mountain"



Third Palce in Group B Pdis went to Kaushalya Rihal with an image titled "Hatton"



January 2018

This months topic was "After Dark" and was judged by members of the group.


The Winner of the PDI images was "Chateau Challon At Nightfall" by Ken Bone




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