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Posted 14th January 2019

Walkers Crisps Packets Recycling

Walkers Crisps packaging are not currently recyclable.  Walkers Crisps have announced a recycling scheme for empty crisp packets.  U3A member Sylvia Rose and her husband have enrolled in the scheme and are prepared to be a depot for their empty crisp packets. 

They will fill a box obtain a return label from Walkers and a driver will collect from their bungalow.

Sylvia is asking if anyone wants to avail themselves of the scheme to bring the empty packets to the Core Meetings and hand them to either herself or David Smithers.

Alternatively drop them into Sylvia Roses bungalow.  Telephone 533165 for her address

Posted 9th January 2019

Call for Robotic Constructors

We have been contacted by Barry James of Cannock Chase U3A who is Introducing a New Initiative – the U3A Constructor’s Challenge 2019. 

He writes:

Are there any mechanical or electrical constructors in the U3A movement who like to build small items as projects? We are proposing a new initiative where particular project builds can be capable of moving and being controlled, and are pitted against each other in a series of challenges. The constructions can be in the form of a moving “robot” of whatever form, subject to some simple rules, but capable of being adapted for each of the challenges. You may have heard of “Raspberry Pi”, “Arduino” or “Picaxe”, which are all programmable devices, and will aid the use of sensors being used for the more advanced challenges. So, the challenge will clearly be of interest to coding creators too.

The proposed venue is Conference Aston in Birmingham where the U3A Science Network is holding its 2019 meeting in August 2019. We hope this will generate a lot of interest within the U3A Science & Technology or practical constructional groups. This is a call to register your interest in such an event to give time for participating teams to be formed and the “robots” to be built to meet the challenges.

To register your interest, please contact:  (Michaela Moody)

or Barry James at  stating the U3A to which you belong, any experience you have with robotics and or coding, and whether you’d actually like to participate in the challenge. Please include your email address and a preferred contact number.

Posted 11th December 2018

To see details of the Balsall Common Festival Committee's AGM 22nd January 2019 please click here

Posted 4th May 2018

Balsall Voluntary Transport Service

Some of you will remember that, at a recent core meeting, our member Alan Cutler explained about the BVTS and offered the opportunity for other members to consider becoming a volunteer driver themselves. In the event, several did and are now assisting village residents to get to their medical appointments.

Alan has asked that we now promote the service to any U3A members who find it difficult to get to appointments at the village medical centre or local hospitals.

Anyone wishing to request such assistance should call the coordinator, Jessica Hudson, on 02476 466220

Posted 18th February 2011

Balsall Common U3A has joined Amazon - the famous online stores Affiliation programme.  This means if you go to Amazon by clicking on the link on the Members page,  Balsall Common U3A will receive as a cash back a percentage of your purchase value.  Balsall Common U3A will only be credited if you access Amazon through our link.

This link is in the members area of the Website.  Click here to got to the members page

Posted 4th February 2011

The purpose of this web site is to keep members informed of the activities of the Balsall Common U3A.  It is your web site if you have any suggestions as to what should be included please click the link at the end of this section.  Similarly if you know of a web site that contains information that would be useful to our members please click here and complete the email with your suggestion.

Posted 28th January 2011

NEW GROUPS    A number of current interest groups are full and with a growing membership it would make sense to start second groups if and when sufficient members express a wish.  If you would like to  be part of a new group for -  Music Appreciation, Books, Philosophy, Poetry.

Similarly if you have any idea for a new group let us know.  Click here and complete the email