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U3A Photograph album 2011

This Page contains Photographs taken during Group activities during 2011 as well as other photographs

U3A Group Trip to London June 2011

Bridge Group

Core Meeting

Craft Group

Garden Visits

Painting Group


Play Reading and Drama Workshop Group



Ramblers Two


Writers Group



U3A Group Trip to London June 2011

On Monday 20th June Gill and Peter Westlake organised a coach trip to London.

The trip included a tour of The Houses of Parliament and the Wallace Collection

(Photographs by Alan Cox)








As the Coach leaves we start our day                                   








 It looks like a school outing








Inside Westminster Hall










The Wallace Collection







Tea for 'two' at the Wallace Collection



After a long day waiting for the homeward bound coach



Bridge Group

The following photographs were taken by Alan Cross during the Bridge Groups Luncheon on 18th February 2011







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Core Meeting

Members at the February Core Meeting - Photograph taken by Roy Hands



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Craft Group Photographs


Craft Exhibition Held 18th April 2011


Craft Group

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Garden Visit Photographs




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Painting Group Photographs




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Photography Group Pictures

The Photography Group have launched their 2011 Photography Exhibition to see the prints in this exhibition click here

Some of the Monotone pictures presented at the March 2011 Group Meeting


Walk Before the Storm - Trevor Doyle                                       Budapest Government Buildings - Roy Hands


Kenilworth Castle - Peter Calver                                      Breakers Decay - Trevor Doyle



Packington Church (Bromoil) - Roy Hands                                 Shakespeare's School Stratford upon Avon - Peter Calver




Alfie the Alpaco - Trevor Doyle                                            Dovedale - Jim Melville 



Meriden Churchyard - Iain Roxburgh                                              Scottish Parliament - Jim Melville


Some of the Spring Photographs presented at the May 2011 Group Meeting



                     Amsterdam Market and Tulips at the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands  - Richard Daymond     



Bluebells at Millison's Wood  and Apple blossom at Wightwick Manor  - Richard Daymond




Apple Blossom and Daffodils at Coughton Court     and Bluebells in Coughton Woods  - Peter Calver


Kenilworth Castle  - Trevor Doyle



Lets Dig - Trevor Doyle                                                                      Waiting For Bathers  - Trevor Doyle



Tulips  - Trevor Doyle                                                                        Vacancies  -  Trevor Doyle



Berkswell Church - Trevor Doyle                                                      Kenilworth Clearway - Trevor Doyle



Berkswell and Balsall Common

Views of Balsall Common (Roy Hands)





Views of Berkswell (Richard Daymond)






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Play Reading and Drama Workshop Photographs


September 2011 Meeting toasting Brigit Johnson on her 95th Birthday          Audrey Davies Coordinator


                                                   Members of the group at their September Meeting




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Questers Photographs

At Bickenhill Fire Station








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Ramblers Photographs

 Near Maxstoke (2008)                                   Near Black Boy Pub (2009)                          Meriden Shafts  June 2009


7th December 2010 walk near Hatton Hospital during hoar frost temperature was -5oC


Ramblers Group Christmas Lunch December 2010




On 16th February 2011 25+ members of the Ramblers Group met at Catherine de Barnes and enjoyed a 4 mile ramble

Thanks to Alan Cross and Iain Roxburgh for the photographs










The last two pictures are memorials on the outer wall of the Whale Tankers site near Ravenshawe. 

The are in memorial to employees who passed away during their working life.













On 16th March 2011 the group met at Clifford Chambers  for a walk through the nearby Warwickshire Country Side

Thanks to Sandra Heard for planning and leading the walk and to Alan Cross and Peter Calver for these photographs.



A bit late to plan the route now Sandra !!!                                    Lost again



Striding Out





Which path do we take?                                                   Is it me or the house!!



I must have dropped it here somewhere                                                 Rest a while

At the pub afterwards


5th April - Corley Moor


Crossing the M6



Ah Daylight                                                                                             Look Sweeties



Crossing the Field


Watched by the Natives                                                                        Corley Moor (Bog)

                                          Traversing Corley Moor our Boots were clean for the first 5 miles


26th April the Ramblers Group met at Dorridge and walked around Packwood in the Spring Sunshine

admiring the Bluebells and wild spring flowers











3rd May 2011 Lapworth



Around Bushwood



Approaching Lapworth Church



Lapworth Church



Nearly back to the car park via Lapworth locks


18th May 2011 saw the group meet at the Queen and Castle in Kenilworth and take a 5 mile ramble



                             Martin Richards the Group Coordinators marshalls the troops.



This ramble was organised and lead by Francis Critoph (left photograph) assisted by Sandra Heard.








7th June 2011 saw the ramblers met at Hunningham for a walk around Hunningham, Marton and Eathorpe villages

in Warwickshire




The walk leader David Green addressing the walkers











                                                                                                             After all that walking one needs nourishment  back at the Pub


June 15th saw the Ramblers meet at Hockley Heath for a walk that took in Lapworth and Nuthurst



Rod Hatton was the leader for this ramble










20th July 2011 the Ramblers met at Wootton Wawen for a walk through the local countryside.



Phil Hammond instructing the troops




         Oooh is that a bull in this field







                                                                                                                   On the Final Leg of the ramble with the pub in sight


17th August the Ramblers met at the University of Warwick, walked through the grounds and over to the Kenilworth Greenway

This walk was led by Marie-Louise Marsden and Judy Hurrion



                                                    Marie-Louise Marsden describing the route



What time are we going!!                                                                            Leaving the Varsity Public house



                                                                   Walking through the University Grounds







                                                                                                                    Exercising on the way !!



Walking across the fields shows how dry the ground is.  We just got through the footpath in time before the Combine Harvesters moved in


October 2011 saw the Ramblers doing a walk around Yarningdale Common




19th October 2011 the Ramblers walked from Claverdon to Preston Bagot returning via Yarningdale Common











Preston Bagot Church



Having a Rest at Yarningdale Aqueduct (Stratford Canal)


November 19th over 20 Ramblers enjoyed a circular walk starting and finishing at Tanworth in Arden










For more information about the Ramblers Group click here

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Ramblers Two Photographs


Ramblers Two walkers in Hay Wood in April 2011




In August the Ramblers Group 2 walked around Berkswell to see the Harvest time


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Scrabble Group

For more information about the scrabble group click here


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Writers Group

       The Writers at their July 2011 Meeting


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