Balsall Common u3a

(Founded October 2006)

With the ethos of "Learn, Laugh & Live", the u3a offers opportunities to make new friends, learn new skills, visit places of interest or take up new hobbies. We do not require any entry qualifications and learning is for personal fulfilment only.

Our vision is to make lifelong learning, through the experience of the u3a, a reality for all third agers. This is the time after you have finished working full-time or raising your family and have time to pursue your interests or just try something new.

The u3a is a non-religious and non-political organisation, so all are welcome to join. Please do come along and see how we "Learn, Laugh & Live"?

If you're interested in joining or just curious to learn more, please feel free to explore our website, starting with a click on our "More Information" button. However, our "Archived 2011 to 2019" and "Members Area" are restricted to our members only.

A membership application form can be downloaded from within the "More Information" page.

Potential guest speakers for our monthy core meetings may like to contact our Speakers Secretary

Remember if you are showing any symptoms of Covid, or test positive, you must follow appropriate isolation and health guidance, and not participate in any u3a activity.


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