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Following the u3a's successful BirdWatch and Winter Watch initiatives, they are now broadening this theme and are asking members to share all things 'wild and interesting' with them.

They would like you to share your photos of elements of nature or wildlife that are out of the ordinary. Anything that has challenged your perception of nature and the world around you.

Please upload your photos to their online form, telling them where you found or saw this.

Below are the images uploaded by our members and selected.


Jim — Balsall Common u3a
'Black Fungi'
As my recognotion of fungi is very limited, I was unable to identify these unusual black fungi which I recently found growing in Cholmondley Castle Gardens near Chester. Perhaps someone with a knowledge of mycology can help?


Janet — Balsall Common u3a
'Carduncalas Seed Heads'
This plant displays impressive heads for the autumn, found at a local National Trust.


Jim — Balsall Common u3a
'How Well Camouflaged'
Found on Point of Ayre, Isle of man. This small bird is difficult to spot amongst the pebbles at the Point of Ayre on the Isle of Man, which is an important breeding ground for colonies of these Arctic Terns. They are classified as Schedule 1 protected birds under the Wildlife Act 1990. Research shows the birds make an estimated 50,000 mile journey to breed in these sites.


Janet — Balsall Common u3a
'What Can You See In This Tree'
On a visit to Hidcote Gardens I was fascinated by the interesting features on the trunk of this tree.


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Karen — Balsall Common u3a
'Autumn Palette'
Found in Dorridge Woods.


Tina — Balsall Common u3a
'Bald Eagle'
Mountains above Benalmadena, Costa del Sol. Taken in the garden of Eagles, at a falconry show.


Jim — Balsall Common u3a
'Drying Feathers'
River Dee weir in Chester. A cormorant taking advantage of the sun's rays to dry out its feathers.


Richard — Balsall Common u3a
'Honey Bee At Work'
Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa.


Karen — Balsall Common u3a
'Should I Jump Or Fly'
Bempton RSPB, North Yorkshire.


Richard — Balsall Common u3a
'Southern Migrant Hawker In Flight'
Found in Attenborough Nature Reserve, Nottinghamshire.


Angela — Balsall Common u3a
Countryside, Warwickshire. This tree stump looked so creature like, even with glimmer of an eye, and branches like arms, I couldn’t resist taking this image!


Angela — Balsall Common u3a
'The Last Days Of The Sunflower'
Countryside near to Tewkesbury. During a countryside walk on a lovely autumn day couldn’t resist taking a photo of this sunflower going to seed, standing almost alone, still upright and glorious!.


John — Balsall Common u3a
'The Magnificent Oyster Catcher'
Marsh Lane Nature Reserve. It is unusual to see an oyster catcher so far inland. I had heard that there were some at Marsh Lane, so I kept going until I saw one.


Jim — Balsall Common u3a
'Trying To Hide'
Found during a country walk near Balsall Common. "If I sit here motionless, no one will see me." So thought the squirrel which I spotted recently.


Tina — Balsall Common u3a
'Up-Rooted Tree'
Found on Studland Beach in Dorset. I was walking along the beach when I saw this and wondered about the story of how it got there as there didn't appear to be any more trees near by of that size, and how long it had been there.


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Jim Melville — Balsall Common u3a
'Why Are We Waiting'
Found on the breakwater wall in Peel harbour in the Isle of Man.


Jim Melville — Balsall Common u3a
'Windswept Trees'
Found on Injebreck Hill in the Isle of Man.


Richard Hancox — Balsall Common u3a
'Cattel Egret in Flight'
Found in S'Albufereta Nature Reserve, Pollenca, Mallorca.


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Jim Melville — Balsall Common u3a
'Mother Goose & Three Goslings'
Found beside the lake at Packwood House in Warwickshire.


Karen Coates — Balsall Common u3a
'Barn Owl'
Found in Yorkshire.


Peter Calver — Balsall Common u3a
'On the Lookout'
Found by the River Nene, Northamptonshire.


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Angela Reid — Balsall Common u3a
'Peacock Butterfly'
Found in the Cotswolds.


Jim Melville — Balsall Common u3a
'Thinking of Ukraine'
Found in Jim's Garden


Jim Melville — Balsall Common u3a
'When Snow Falls Nature Listens'
Scene found in Warwickshire


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Peter Calver — Balsall Common u3a
Young Stag
Found close to the path in Charlecote Park
(This image used in u3a Facebook campaign and u3a Newsletter)

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