Walking Cricket

Coordinator Ian Morrey


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We now have two dates for our Walking Cricket sessions, Thursday 19th August and Wednesday 25th August. The games will take place at the Balsall and Berkswell Hornets Sports Ground at the Triangle, Lavender Hall Lane CV7 7BN . We will start at 2.00pm, but try and get there early to help set up the pitch. The pavilion will be open so we can have a cup of tea afterwards. Please bring £1 so that we can make a contribution to the Hornets for the use of their facilities.


We trialled some sessions a couple of years ago and came up with a format which gives everyone a good chance to bat and bowl using a shortened wicket. It is of course a “walking” sport so not too much exertion is required.


The format is:

·                         Everyone will bat; everyone will bowl.

·                         Players names will be drawn and will bat as pairs.

·                         Each pair will face four complete overs from four different bowlers. Dismissals will reduce their score, but the pair will still complete their four overs.

·                         Each pair will start with 100 runs. Five runs will be deducted every time one of the pair is out. All runs will add to their score.

·                         The four bowlers for each pair will be drawn at the start of that pair’s innings.

·                         Bowling can be overarm or underarm and the batsman must be notified of the action to be used and if the action is changed during an over.

·                         Run-ups are walk-ups and are limited to three steps.


Otherwise, the normal laws of the game will apply as far as any of us can remember them.


All the equipment needed will be provided (other than a box), but feel free to bring your own if you want to show off.


Come on, give it a try!  Ladies are welcome


Get in touch with me on ianmorrey@capacitate.co.uk telephone 07817 016928  if you’re interested or if you want any more information.