(A Board Game)

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When: On the third Monday morning of each month, 10am to 12noon

May I emphasise, Diplomacy is a Board Game. Our Group is not a discussion group exploring the practice of Diplomacy by the world’s diplomats. However, I can confirm that we like to think how we play the game has many similarities!

If you enjoy board games and would like to try something with a little more 'edge' Diplomacy could be the game for you!

Set in Europe at the dawn of the 20th Century each player is assigned one of the Great Powers to control (England, France, Germany, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Turkey).  The objective is to gain control of Europe.

Luck  plays  no part in Diplomacy, winning or losing does not depend on the roll of the dice.  It's a game which tests your skills as a logician, negotiator and a diplomat.  The key part of the game is the period of 'diplomacy' when each player has an opportunity to forge alliances, spread rumours, leak information and betray others. In other words, dare I say it,  play politics!

The game was developed in the US and I understand it was a favourite pastime of John Kennedy and Henry Kissinger.  You would have thought that they would have had enough dealing with the real thing!

There are no 'fanatics' in our group ( thank goodness! ) We enjoy each other’s company and it is an opportunity to ( hopefully ) out think each other in terms of diplomacy and strategy.

New members always welcome.