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There are now 1,000 u3a groups in the UK. Not surprisingly, a considerable amount of research has been undertaken but information on this research has been very dispersed and much of it is not readily accessible to the general membership.

As a result u3a groups or individuals thinking of doing research find it difficult to locate previous or other ongoing work — with the possibility of ‘reinventing the wheel’.

It has not been possible to obtain an overall picture of research undertaken or what gaps exist and if the research results are inaccessible, no learning can result from the findings.

To remedy this situation, the National Research Sub-committee has produced a database which brings together information about u3a research in an easily accessible format. It aims to include any research that involves the u3a, whether that is done by the u3a itself, in partnership with an external organisation (as in some SLPs) or where u3a members are subjects in someone else’s research (e.g. projects by universities). External studies of the u3a are also included.

The database has been live since 2016, currently has nearly 600 entries and will generate knowledge by facilitating access to research results and other researchers. It will also be possible to identify knowledge gaps and research opportunities, assist those engaged in or planning research and to highlight the activities of the u3a.

Find the database at:


It’s an ongoing task to assemble this material and we rely on members telling us about research that they remember or have taken part in. Check to see if your project has been included and if the details are complete and accurate.

Ideally, we would like:

  • a short description of the research
  • the u3a(s) involved, including networks
  • the external partner(s), if any
  • the date of the research
  • the name and contact details of the project leader (names and email addresses will not be visible to users)
  • any outputs such as a book, report, database, CD/DVD, sound recording, website, presentation or exhibition and how to find them if they are still available

Please send any information to the SLP co-ordinator for your region (for SLPs),
or to Jo_Livingston@hotmail.com

or use the Contact page on the database, with as many of the above details as possible so that they can be added.

Thank you for your help.

FCA Investment Scam Warning

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