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Balsall Common Streetwatch

Balsall Common Street Watch was set up in September 2018. Although we were initially a strong group with active members the past 18 months have affected us, like most organisations, and we were on the point of hanging up our Hi Vizs permanently. Andrea and Sara have jointly taken on the responsibility of co-ordinating BCSW with the aim of turning its fortunes around and developing the community spirited group that our village deserves.

We are seeking new, enthusiastic and reliable members to swell our numbers and offer Balsall Common regular patrols.

Please feel free to contact Andrea 07853 386522 or Sara 07868 029722 to learn about our vision for BCSW,  click here to see the poster or email

Posted 23rd April 2024

Highly Commended Poem

The first time one does well in a competition tends to be a proud moment along with a desire to tell everyone about it. The Coventry Positive Images Festival of November 2023 asked for poems on the subject of Looking After Our Environment, and they let it be known that they were looking for a different take on the subject, i.e. avoiding the usual cliches etc. Your webmaster, Robert Zhilmor, entered a poem called Saving Hundred Acre Wood, which was inspired by the massive construction project building the HS2 route through Balsall Common. You can find the results from the competition at: You will see from this web page that 85 poems were entered, and of those the judges selected one winner, one runner-up and four highly commended. If you then find and click, or tap, on the link for Saving Hundred Acre Wood, you can then read the poem. Several people have already read the poem and they enjoyed it.

Posted 10th January 2024

Add Your Emergency Contact To Your Phone

Smartphones allow for an emergency contact to be dialed without knowing the phone's password, so if you are hurt and unable to use your phone someone else can use your phone to contact your emergency contact person for you. Click here for instructions for Android and I-Phones.

Posted 4th March 2023

Online Cyber and Smartphone Security

It is advisable to learn about the risks of cyber crimes so that you can prepare yourself and minimise the risk of becoming a victim.

Please read this Beware Fake Emails article.

For advice regarding smartphones, please visit the following websites:

Here's an article from Readers Digest about cyber crime on smartphones:

Learn more from UK Police about smartphone crimes, and how to report them:

Citizen's Advice:
What to do if your mobile phone is lost or stolen

Also remember that Alexa is not only listening when you speak directly to (her), (she) is listening all the time to everything that you say, and that is being recorded somewhere.

Posted 6th September 2022

GROUPS/ACTIVITIES    A number of groups are currently full but it is often worth contacting the group leader to see if there is a waiting list you can join. You may wish to consider starting a new group and help is available from the groups liaison officer and the committee to support you in doing this. Please contact us on

Or you may consider joining a neighbouring u3a group for a particular activity. Details of other u3as can be found here.

Posted 22nd January 2021

Become a Friend Against Scams by completing the Online Learning course, then "Take a Stand Against Scams"

The average age of people who succumb to scams is 75.

Please click on the following link

Watch the video and if you wish work through the online course. 
When you complete it you can claim your Friends Against Scams certificate by emailing: — please include in your email the name you'd like on the certificate.

This course is recommended by u3a member Jim Henry.  The information came from a reliable source: Support Through Court, for whom Jim has volunteered for the last five years.

Posted 14th May 2020

Fellow u3a member Alan Cutler has suggested that “members might like to consider using Ecosia as their search engine. It works just the same as others, Google for example, but it uses the income it generates to plant trees across the world. At the time of writing it has planted nearly 94 million (the counter on the website increases by the second) in several projects, including Brazil and other countries in South America and Africa. There are details and photos of them on the website.
It takes around 45 searches to fund the planting of one tree so in the few months I have been using it I have ‘planted’ 10 trees — hardly a forest, not even a copse, but every bit helps. It’s certainly worth thinking about, I think.”

To go to Ecosia in your web browser enter the

Posted 14th January 2019

Walkers Crisps Packets Recycling

Walkers Crisps packaging are not currently recyclable.  Walkers Crisps have announced a recycling scheme for empty crisp packets.  u3a member Sylvia Rose and her husband have enrolled in the scheme and are prepared to be a depot for their empty crisp packets. 

They will fill a box, obtain a return label from Walkers and a driver will collect from their bungalow.

Sylvia is asking if anyone wants to avail themselves of the scheme to bring the empty packets to the Core Meetings and hand them to either herself or David Smithers.

Alternatively drop them in to Sylvia Rose's bungalow.  Telephone 533165 for her address

Posted 18th February 2011

Balsall Common u3a has joined Amazon — the famous online store's Affiliation programme.  This means if you go to Amazon by clicking on the link on the Members page,  Balsall Common u3a will receive as a cash back a percentage of your purchase value.  Balsall Common u3a will only be credited if you access Amazon through our link.

This link is on the home page.

Posted 4th February 2011

The purpose of this website is to keep members informed of the activities of the Balsall Common u3a.  It is your website so if you have any suggestions as to what should be included please click the link at the end of this section.  Similarly if you know of a website that contains information that would be useful to our members please click here and complete the email with your suggestion.


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