Co-ordinator Richard Hancox

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When:  On the second Monday morning of each month at 10 a.m.
Where:  We meet in each other's houses.

We are a very informal and friendly group of around six to ten people who meet to consider philosophical issues relevant to the present day. The group meets for two hours on the second Monday morning of each month to discuss a topic chosen in turn by individual members. Topics are varied, and not all ‘high-brow’. Tea/coffee and biscuits also help the discussion along! Recent discussions have focussed on issues such as our experience of reality, the purpose of education, moral dilemmas and living a good life, as well as the ideas of two or three individual philosophers.

We would very much welcome new members!

If you wish to join us, or just want to learn more about our meetings, please contact the co-ordinator on 07484 335294 or