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This is a very active, popular and sociable group who enjoy each otherís company whilst tramping the local fields, highways and byways, marvelling at the wonderful Warwickshire scenery so close to us.

We meet twice a month, on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday at 10.00 am. Details of the next walk are given below.

We have a number of walk leaders, from the membership, who take it in turn to select a walk of about 5 to 6 miles. They choose where to go and where we meet. Newer members are encouraged to offer to lead a walk either singly, as a couple or a small group, after they have settled in with us but there is no compunction to do so!

We try to start within 10 miles of Balsall Common and most frequently find pub car parks very suitable for our starting/finishing points! Many members stay for a drink and /or a meal after the walk.

The membership of the group is about 80 of whom most are active.
A walk averages around 18-25 members with a high of 36! Walks take place in most kinds of weather with one major exception being snow!

The cost is very low - there is a joining fee of £2 and to date no other costs. However, members are asked to pay for their own drinks/meals after a walk!

With the joining fee money raised so far we have bought and kept up to date 3 first aid kits for the leaders to take on their walks and future funds will be available to buy maps, written up walks, etc.

If you would like to join or require any other information please contact Martin Richards (the coordinator) by telephone: 01676 533429, or email: ramblers@balsallcommonu3a.org . Prospective new members can also "try us out" by just turning up at a walk starting point and joining us for that particular walk. Please note, however, if you are not already a u3a member you will not be covered by the u3a insurance scheme. Following that if you wish to continue you will need to join the u3a and the Ramblers group.

If anyone wants to lead a walk please contact the coordinator. Lots of help is at hand for anyone who has never lead a walk before.

If anyone wants to create a ramble route, either for the U3A or for personal reasons try out the following site:  http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm

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From July 19th all Covid-19restrictions are lifted, however walkers must read the new Ramblers Risk assessment shown below.

Click here to see Ramblers Risk Assessment Statement updated 21st July 2021


Second August Walk 2021


When: Wednesday 18th Aug 2021

Where: Lapworth  


Meet:     10.00 am at Brome Hall Lane car park (B94 5RB). In view of the current uncertainty on Covid, the walk will start from the car park on Brome Hall Lane - there is also parking on the lane, if necessary.


Directions:   (7m 15mins). From BC take the B4101 towards Knowle. Shortly after Springfield House,TL into Watery Lane and continue to the T junction. TL onto A4141 towards Warwick and shortly after the Black Boy pub TR onto Bakers Lane. This lane becomes Chapel Lane when you cross over the canal bridge. Continue to T junction with Chessetts Wood Road and TL. This road becomes Mill Lane by the Punchbowl pub. Continue to T junction with Old Warwick Road (B4439) and TL. TR into Brome Hall Lane just before the canal bridge. The entrance to the car park is on the left, about 50 yards after the turn.


Walk details:       It is a five mile circular one from Lapworth to Copt Green, taking in Kingswood Junction and both the Stratford and Grand Union canals, with a countryside walk via Copt Green in between (ignoring the noise from the M40). There are two stiles, both rickety, so a little care is needed and no livestock; possibly two horses in one field. 


Afterwards: For those who would like to have lunch afterwards, the Navigation Inn is nearby (back to Old Warwick Road and TR) and the web address is:  www.navigationlapworth.co.uk.  Please make you own arrangements for lunch. 


Walk Leader and Restrictions:       The walk will be led by Geoff Kennedy and restricted  to 15 walkers so please contact Geoff by email quoting your mobile number to book your place. Geoff will confirm your booking.  Email address is kennedy@tiscali.co.uk


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Walk Leaders Schedule 2021

05/01/2021 Gary and Linda Cary
20/01/2021 Barbara & Phil Hammonds
02/02/2021 Jim/Bernie Henry
17/02/2021 Martin Richards
02/03/2021 Peter Whalley
17/03/2021 Chris & Margaret Burleigh
06/04/2021 Peter Calver
21/04/2021 Keith Simpson
04/05/2021 Martin Richards
19/05/2021 Sandra Heard & Frances Critoph
01/06/2021 Alan Buckland
16/06/2021 Lynn & Tony Brinkworth
06/07/2021 Ian Lester
21/07/2021 Liz Cowley & Sheila Jones
03/08/2021 Peter Calver
18/08/2021 Geoff Kennedy
07/09/2021 Richard Drake
15/09/2021 Matthew Stephens
05/10/2021 Merryl Muat and Christine Harris
20/10/2021 Geoff Kennedy
02/11/2021 Richard Glynn
17/11/2021 Alan Buckland
07/12/2021 Richard Drake
15/12/2021 no walk - Xmas lunch?


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