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When:  Third Monday of each month, at 2:00 pm, except for August and December.
Where:  The Westlake Room, Balsall Common Village Hall, Station Road.
Cost:  Please ask the co-ordinator.

The purpose of the group is to discuss historical issues of interest to group members and members themselves choose the topics. One of the group undertakes to introduce the topic to facilitate the discussion (not a presentation or lecture). This involves researching it sufficiently to carry out the task; members are also expected to be able to contribute to the discussion as well as gain knowledge and understanding.

New members are very welcome.

The programme for 2024 is set out below:

Meeting Date Subject
15th January Portugalís Global Expansion
19th February The Silk Ribbon Weavers of Coventry
18th March British Entrepreneurs
15th April The Black Death
20th May The Lost Gospel of Q
17th June The History of the House of Lords
15th July The English Republic: 1649–1660
August No meeting
16th September Ramsay McDonald
21st October Charles de Gaulle
18th November William Cobbett
December No meeting

Meetings are normally held on the third Monday of the month, 2pm–4pm,
in the Westlake Room at the Village Hall. New members are welcome.


For further information, contact the co-ordinator, Geoff Kennedy, on 535094.

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