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This was a popular group that allowed many members to enjoy sociable visits to our local theatres.  Much thanks must go to Claire Laland who set it up and ran it for many years.  Sadly the Group is unable to meet at the moment as the Covid restrictions have closed all of our local venues.

When some normality returns the group will relaunch with Richard Drake as it's new leader.

Future visits

Unlikely until 2022 now.

Sadly no sign The Talisman is ready to reopen soon and I'm not ready to propose a group visit anywhere else yet.  

However, there may be performances that I'm personally prepared to risk. I will share these with you for you to make your own assessment of the risk. "


While we wait for live theatre to start up again here are some alternatives:

  1. The Talisman theatre have some on-line (mainly audio) short plays. I've sampled a couple and they are well worth trying: WHAT'S ON - Talisman Theatre and Arts Centre

  2. For those seeking something more cultural the RSC has a number of online offerings: Booking for online performances | Royal Shakespeare Company (

If anyone else knows of any interesting theatrical events going on let me know and I will share.

If you would like to join or require any other information please telephone Richard Drake: 01676 534932 or e-mail


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