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In more normal times, Current Affairs Group 1 meets on the second Monday of the month from 2.00 – 4.00 p.m., usually in a private room in the Saracen’s Head Pub in Balsall Common. Occasionally this is not possible, so we re-arrange our venue to a group member’s home, but this occurs only rarely. During the Covid-19 pandemic it has not been possible to hold face-to-face meetings, so we have been getting together via Zoom on the same dates which has enabled the group to continue to meet on a monthly basis. This will continue at least until July 2021, according to the guidance given to all interest groups belonging to Balsall Common U3A. When ‘normal service is resumed’, notification will be given to members of a return to our usual venue.

At the previous month’s meeting, a ‘starter topic’ is chosen which we all look into before the meeting and then discuss for the first part of the meeting. Topics this year have included ‘The future of the UK post Brexit’, ‘Is the Licence Fee the right way to fund the BBC?’, ‘‘Should we have Summer Time all the year round?’, ‘Independent Scotland: a good or a bad thing?’, ‘ Road Charging instead of Fuel Duty?’ and ‘Should we have vaccine passports?’. We then take turns to introduce an item of interest which has appeared in the media in the recent past. It can be political or sociological, light-hearted or the results of recently-published research. Sometimes we discuss something of local interest such as the impact of High Speed 2 on Balsall Common or the proposed development of the village and surrounding district. We try to avoid ‘party politics’ but all views are valid and everyone has an opportunity to present his or her topic for consideration by the group.

Chairing the meeting is shared amongst members: each member runs one meeting (always in an informal way) as there are usually twelve members. There is one vacancy at the time of writing (March 2021), so potential new members are invited to email the Group Co-ordinator (click on the link below). If necessary, a waiting list will be created.

When we meet at The Saracen’s Head, we each pay for a cup of tea or coffee during the meeting and also enjoy a celebration lunch together before one of our meetings during the year.

If you would like any further information, please contact the Group Co-ordinator Moya Melville




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