Folk Dancing

Co-ordinators — Sue Green and Richard Hancox
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When:  Every three weeks, commencing Wednesday 10th April, from 2 to 4 p.m.
Where:  At the Methodist Church Hall on Station Road.
Cost:  £2.50 per member.

2024 dates are: 10th April, 1st and 22nd May, 12th June, 3rd July, 24th July, 14th August, 4th and 25th September, 16th October, 6th and 27th November, and 18th December.

There will normally be a charge of £2.50 per member to cover the hire of the hall. We are lucky to have a wooden floor which will be excellent for dancing. Music will be provided from CDs.

There are kitchen facilities, for those wishing to have short break for a cuppa, etc.

For those members who may be unsure of what will be involved, the best way to describe folk dancing is to visualise it as an event which many members will already be familiar; the fun of a barn dance, but with some additional and more interesting dance movements.

Like barn dancing, it is not only fun, it is enjoyable with the bonus of a chance to socialise with friends while engaging in some exercise of the body and brain.

The dance format is wide-ranging and can be as gentle as that which you may have seen on TV in Jane Austin dramas, or as lively as American Squares and Contras. But you can be sure that the pace of the dances will be selected to suit the dancerís abilities.

A partner is not essential: you are encouraged to change partners. No previous experience of folk dancing is required. All dances are taught by walk through without music, before then dancing to what will be pre-recorded music.

In early learning stages it is likely that you and your dance partner will make many mistakes. This can often result in causing a dance to prematurely end amid much hilarity.

Sue Green and Richard Hancox