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The u3a is continuing its Found In Nature programme into 2023.

They would like you to share your photos of elements of nature or wildlife that are out of the ordinary. Anything that has challenged your perception of nature and the world around you.

So far 11 of our members have had 72 photos chosen.

Please upload your photos to their online form, telling them where you found or saw this.

Below are the images uploaded by our members and selected.


November & December 2023

Autumnal arrangement by Janet
Display at the entrance to our local National Trust.


Frosty Spiders Web by Janet
This was taken in our front garden.


Horsing Around by Karen
Inquisitive shire horses peeping at me over the fence/wall on a grey and cloudy day. Taken near Staintondale, North Yorkshire.


Mexican Bell Vine by Janet
Outside the entrance to Packwood House.


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September & October 2023

Black tomatoes by Leslie
These unusual tomatoes were spotted in Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens. The background looks as if it has been snowing but this wasn't the case as the image was taken in September.


Kestrel by Karen
Taken in North Yorkshire.


Loweswater by Karen
Taken from the shoreline in September this year. Someone obviously had fun arranging their own stone circle!


Purple fields by Karen
A walk to delight all the senses.


Quirky pumpkin by Carolyn
This rather malformed pumpkin was spotted in Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens. So many shapes and colours.


Scary orchid by Carolyn
This scary looking orchid was spotted in the Botanic Gardens in Singapore. There were so many beautiful blooms to choose from but this one was so unusual.


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July & August 2023

67 images have been selected for July and August and of those, 11 were from our members.

Acrobatic Magpies by Jim
Found at RHS Garden Bridgewater. This was taken at RHS Garden Bridgewater on a rainy day. At first glance it looks as if the top magpie is balancing on the head of the one on flight, but in fact the top one is sitting on the railing.


Bee Collecting The Nectar by Janet
Found in Packwood House gardens. The allotments at Packwood House are beautiful at the moment with many different flowers and seed heads attracting bees and butterflies


‘Cygnet’ure Selfie! by Karen
I’ve been following the cygnets born here at Elmden Park each year. But I think this one has got to know me better than the rest. He always poses for a shot!


Display Of Produce Grown by Janet
Found at the local National Trust.

Janet’s image was used to headline October’s "Your Friends Newsletter" sent out from the National Office.


First Signs Of Autumn by Jim
These blackberries or brambles, showing various stages of ripeness, were photographed at the edge of a playing field in Balsall Common.


Frog by Janet
Found on the lawn in our garden.


Hazelnuts by Janet
These were growing in the hedgerows at Packwood House car park.


My Little Friend by Pam
My little friend used to visit me every morning by my sunbed in Bali. A surprise at first but the varied wildlife was interesting. I'd be drinking my coffee and there he would be. He actually only measured about 8 inches (20 cm) but looks huge in the photo.


Sunflower by Karen
Taken at Becketts Farm near Wythall in the sunflower field.


Sunflower Symmetry by Karen
Close up of a sunflower taken at Banbury Hall garden.


Time For Tea by Jim
This was taken recently at Baddesley Clinton, a National Trust property in Warwickshire. Peanuts had been left out on the tree stump for the grey squirrels and this one was oblivious to my presence only six feet away.


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May & June 2023

Gugh From St Agnes by Jim
This was taken looking across The Bar towards Gugh from St Agnes in the Isles of Scilly. Because of the high tidal range of approximately 6 metres this bar is covered by the sea at high tides


Gannets Saying I Do by Karen
Found at RSPB Bempton, North Yorkshire. Taken on a cliff top walk 400ft above the North Sea at wonderful RSPB centre, May 2023. Patience and a long lens with tripod or resting place required!


Stalking Bittern by Richard
I was fortunate enough to watch this bird for 10 minutes stealthily stalking its prey along the side of a reedbed at RSPB Minsmere — before it vanished into the undergrowth. The bittern's focus on its prey was fixed — a predator to be feared!


Granite Outcrop by Jim
The two people in the centre of the photo give an idea of the height of this massive rock formation on St Agnes in the Isles of Scilly


Echiums by Jim
These were growing in wild profusion throughout Tresco in the Isles of Scilly


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March & April 2023

Remains of the Day by Terry
Eclipse of a Sunflower Seed Head. Taken in Baddesley Clinton National Trust property. I had admired the "Sunflowers" when first seen in full bloom in late summer, but I was taken aback by the exquisite form of the "Sunflowers Seed Heads" in late autumn — truly one of natures creations.


Butterfly in search of Nectar by Terry
At Packwood House National Trust property in Solihull. I just think that "butterflies are exquisite and delicate creatures of nature". There's often some minute difference in each one that we are lucky enough to see.


Rutting Deer by Peter
In Calke Abbey — Derbyshire. We were walking around the edge of the deer park at Calke Abbey when we came upon these two deer having a fight.


Green Woodpecker by Peter
Several times during February and March this Green Woodpecker visited our back garden. It would spend up to an hour at a time, using it's strong beak to dig into ant colonies in the lawn and eat the inhabitants.


Glory in late Summer by Terry
Even though it was the end of summer, the plant foliage still possessed such vibrant colours and the lasting effects of a hot summer. For me a sight not to be missed.


Gneiss Patterns by Jim
Seen in Harris in the Outer Hebrides. This rock formation of granitic gneisses was found near Husinish, a remote place on the west coast of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. The settlement lies at the end of a 12-mile long single track road. These rocks are around 2 billion years old.


Queenie Shells by Jim
These broken queenie (queen scallop) shells have been washed up onto Fenella Beach from a dump used by fishermen which is situated around the headland. This beach is located in Peel on the Isle of Man. It takes its name from the character in Sir Walter Scott’s 1823 novel Peveril of the Peak which was set around Peel Castle.


Long-Billed Curlew by Tina
This was taken in California on a beach walk.


Patterns in the Sand by Karen
Found on the North East Coast.


Seven Swans a Swimming by Karen
Found in Elmdon Park, Sheldon.


Bluebell by Karen
Found in Hay Wood, Warwickshire.


Three Oystercatchers by Jim
St Michael’s Island near Castletown in the Isle of Man. This photo shows how difficult it can be to spot these wading birds when they walk amongst seaweed covered rocks. Just as I pressed the shutter on the camera the one on the right decided to turn his head away from me. They often give their presence away with a loud "peep-ing" call. They hunt on rocky or muddy shores for shellfish to eat.


Volcanco Tiede by Tina
This was taken on a trip to the volcanic site of Tiede in Tenerife. I liked this particular shot of the volcano as it shows the two stone pillars either side which the geologists believe were originally hundreds of miles under ground and were left intact when the volcano erupted.


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January & February 2023

Thames In Flood by Carolyn
Found in Swinbrook near Burford. The winter sun on the flooded fields made interesting patterns.


Holly Blue Butterfly by Janet
Found in a local National Trust garden. I thought the colour of the flower enhanced the markings on the butterfly.


Is It Time To Feed? by Jim
Seen through my lounge window. This robin appeared to be carefully considering whether to eat some seeds from the feeder.


Contrails At Dusk by Jim
Although "man-made", these contrails or condensation trails form an interesting criss-cross image in the evening sky over Balsall Common. Although close to Birmingham Airport, these aircraft are far too high in the sky to have taken off from there. One wonders where their passengers will land.


The Harbinger of Spring by Jim
Found in Charlecote Park, Warwickshire. I am constantly amazed that these small and delicate flowers always appear after a harsh winter to bloom in such profusion. A welcome sign that Spring is on its way.


I’ve Just Got To Lie Down by Karen
Found at Bodenham Arboretum. Well it made me smile — this donkey had so much fun rolling about on the grass then he seemed to pause to rest with his legs in the air.


Lazing Around In The Shade by Tina
Found in Charlecote Park, Warwickshire. I was walking in the grounds of Charlecote Park where there were loads of deer, a few were sitting in the shade and I was lucky to get close enough to take this shot.


Red-Legged Crab by Tina
I was walking on rocks in Tenerife, and I could not believe how many crabs were rushing about, these red-legged crabs really caught my attention. There were not easy to photograph, they kept moving!


Fly Agaric Fungi by Terry
Found at Baddersley Clinton National Trust property. I was very pleased and excited to come across this fungi specimen as it rarely appears at the above location.



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